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How to use diamond sharpening stone to refresh your wear-out knife blade

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I believe you also want to like others to wear their own blade quickly through the use of DIAMOND SHARPENING STONE to repair as new. The following is our experience of using DIAMOND SHARPENING STONE in this industry for more than 30 years:

  1.  Please get some tools ready before you use our Diamond Sharpening Stones. They’re DIAMOND SHARPENING STONE holder + rubber + leather + 240# small oil stone + clean cloth + washer fluid in 100-200ml .

  2. Please firstly dip a new DIAMOND SHARPENING STONE into water for 1mintue. Then please have it put on the holder and fixed well. After that , please make a rough grind by using a small whetstone to remove some extra diamond particles so that the new stone surface can become smoother. Finally please use a cloth to clean the Diamond Sharpening Stone.

  3. Please start sharpening your knife after you pasting some washer fluid on the DIAMOND SHARPENING STONE. Please refer to some videos from the internet. If some heavy wear-out happened to your blade, you’ve to repair it by using our stone 300 grit 600 grit 1200 grit diamond sharpening stone(from coarse to fine). If light wear-out happened to your blade, you can use 600# and 1200# to repair.  

Hope above experience can help you get you want and enjoy the sharpening process.

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