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How to sharpen a knife ?

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Basic Sharpening Instructions

Sharpening a knife is a very easy skill to acquire. All you need to remember is to maintain a consistent angle and apply even pressure while passing the edge over the stone. It's really that easy. With a little practice you'll be an expert in no time. Remember: Consistent Angle + Even Pressure = Sharp Edge.

To learn how to sharpen a knife just follow these four simple steps:

1. Put a small amount of lubricant on your stone. Use oil if you are sharpening with Arkansas stones.  If you don't have honing oil plain mineral oil works great. If you're sharpening with a diamond stones you can use water or oil but we strongly recommend using Automobile glass water for lubricating and cleaning diamond sharpening stones. If you're using a waterstone use water. Most waterstones require you to soak the stone in water for 20-30 minutes before you start and you'll want to be sure you are using plenty of water. It's best to sharpen waterstones next to or even in a sink.

2. Lay the blade across the knife and raise the back of the knife to establish your desired angle. We recommend the angle guides from Razor Edge for holding a consistent angle - Razor Edge Angle Guides
3. Draw the blade across the stone in a sweeping motion so that the whole blade passes over the stone. Remember: even pressure and a consistent angle.
4. Draw the blade across the stone on the first side 10 times. Turn the knife over and draw the blade across the stone 10 times on the second side. Turn the knife back over to the first side and draw the blade across the stone 9 times. Go back to side two and stroke 9 times. Continue switching from side to side while reducing the number of strokes by 1 until you are drawing the knife 1 time on each side.
Note: 10 strokes on each side is a good starting point for a dull knife. On a very dull edge you may want to start with 20 strokes. If you're just touching up, 5 strokes may be enough. Different steels will require more or less strokes. Use your judgment.

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