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Types and applications of Diamond Sharpening Stones

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The whetstone we often use can be divided into two kinds: natural and artificial whetstone.

In the market, there are three common whetstones: terrazzo, whetstone and diamond sharpening stones.

Terrazzo and whetstone are natural whetstones.

Diamond stones and ceramic whetstones are man-made whetstones.

As we know, before sharpening the knife, the whetstone should be lubricated with water and oil.

As the name suggests, terrazzo and whetstone belong to this type of grindstone that needs lubrication.

And some artificial whetstones can be used with lubrication, or can be used without lubrication, such as diamond whetstone and ceramic whetstone.

But the artificial sharpening stone and the natural sharpening knife have one thing in common.

That is, they all have different mesh numbers, which is what we call coarse grinding and fine grinding.

However, it should be noted that different steel, hardness, need different thickness of grinding stone to grinding, sometimes even need different grinding stone materials to grinding.

Oil stone:

Whetstone is a traditional whetstone in the West. Although terrazzo is becoming more and more popular, whetstone is still the most common whetstone in the market.

Why the name Whetstone?Because this kind of whetstone before use, to put a little oil on the whetstone.

The benefits of a litle oil are:

1. It reduces friction.

2. It is also easier to move back and forth when grinding.

3. The metal debris on the way of grinding will remain in the oil, which is more convenient to erase after grinding the knife.

But the whetstone is the slowest of the whetstones that we're talking about.

There are oil stones from Arkansas, which are more expensive, and oil stones from India, which are cheaper.

Indian oil stones are rougher, Arkansas oil stones are more expensive, especially translucent Arkansas oil stones and hard black Arkansas oil stones.


Terrazzo is also an increasingly popular type of whetstone, but it is relatively new to the West.

One thing to note about terrazzo stones is that they must be soaked in water for several minutes before use.

Soaking the stone acts as a lubricant, just like the oil on the stone.

1. help to reduce the friction when sharpening the knife.

2. It is also easier to move back and forth when grinding.

3. The metal debris on the way of grinding will remain in the water, which is more convenient to erase after grinding the knife.

Because many mines are closed now, so the natural whetstone quantity is not as much as before, and the price is getting higher and higher.

So now we have synthetic whetstones and terrazzo.

Synthetic whetstones are generally made of alumina.

Some synthetic grindstones need to be soaked before use, while others only need two drops of water.

Advantages of synthetic terrazzo

1. Fast grinding speed.

2. water as a lubricant is better than oil to clean.

But artificial terrazzo also has a disadvantage, grinding stone will wear faster.

Ceramic whetstone:

Natural whetstone is widely used in our country, Japan and Europe.

Ceramic whetstone was an early substitute for natural whetstone.

However, the quality of the ceramic whetstone is different, and the quality is very different, so we should pay special attention to the purchase.

Like terrazzo and whetstone, ceramic whetstones are soaked before use.

Ceramic whetstone should be soaked for at least ten minutes or more to saturate the pores of the stone.

Diamond whetstone:

The name diamond whetstone is a bit confusing, can make people think that this is a very hard stone.

In fact, diamond whetstone is not a stone, but a very thin metal plate. It is a material made of some carbon raw materials and metals, and a layer of diamond is attached on its surface.

It is not a stone, but as its name suggests, it is very hard, much harder than any other type of whetstone.

If you don't get it right, you'll leave a scratch on the blade.

The advantage of diamond whetstone is that the speed of sharpening is very fast.

Second is its shape, whetstone is generally flat shape.

In the course of continuous use, the shape of the natural whetstone will become curved from the original flat shape, or concave in the middle.

The diamond whetstone is easier to maintain its original flat shape during use.

Three points to pay attention to in sharpening the knife:

1. Remember to clean the whetstone after sharpening the knife and then let it dry before putting it back.

Putting the whetstone back in the box when it is wet will cause the quality of the whetstone to decline.

2. don't wait until the knife blunt to sharpen.

3. Because the duller the knives, the harder they are to sharpen.And dull knives are more dangerous to use than sharp ones.

4. All knives are not sharpened from a low count.Rough or fine grinding depends on your knife.

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