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6X2" Single Side Diamond Sharpener Stone Set (Coarse/Fine/Extra Fine)

6X2" Single Side Diamond Sharpener Stone Set (Coarse/Fine/Extra Fine) , diamond coating on a single side, with high quality diamond coating,3 different types of diamond grit: 300#/600#/1200#
  • Diamond Sharpening Stones

  • 6x2 inches (152x50mm)

  • Diamond ,45#Steel

  • Straight Edged Tools Such as Chisels and Planer

  • 300# / 600# / 1200#

  • paper box


Product Description

6X2" Single Side Diamond Sharpener Stone Description & features

Item Code: HYD3005-04CFE

Product Name: 6X2" Single Side Diamond Sharpener Stone Set (Coarse/Fine/Extra Fine)

Size: 6x2 inches (152x50mm)

Product Description:  diamond coating on single side

with high quality diamond coating

3 different types diamond grit: 300#/600#/1200#

Diamond Sharpener.Perfect for hunting and fishing knives, woodworking tools, utility/craft knife blades and axes. Also great for industrial use. Recommended use with lapping fluid to prevent clogging or rusting and assist in keeping tools clean,surface will remain true and flat.

  • Convenience & Durability - diamond sharpening plates are far more durable and easily to maintain than whetstones because they won't be cratered and do not need to be flattened

  • Cutting-edge technology - steel plates are precisely machined and electroplated with monocrystalline diamonds, which gives them a far longer lifespan than its counterparts

  • Precision & quality control - we keep our quality control standard high only to offer our customers the fastest and smoothest sharpening experience

  • Universal Application - diamond sharpeners can be applied to honing a wide range of straight edged tools such as chisels and planer blades

6X2" Single Side Diamond Sharpener Stone Parameters

Item Code: HYD3005-04CFE
Product Name:6X2" Single Side  Diamond Sharpener Stone Set (Coarse/Fine/Extra Fine)
Product Description:3 different types of diamond grit: 300#, 600# , 1200#
A great economy option to the  diamond Sharpening stone. 
The high-quality industrial-grade diamonds are bonded to a thin flat steel plate substrate and are great for small woodworking tools and other items needing a keen edge. 
Approximate thickness is 6.0mm Available in a variety of grits. 
Size:6x2 inches (152x50mm)
Package: paper box
Minimum Order Qty: 1000SET
Ctn Size(cm):29x17x12.0

Basic Info

6X2" Single Side Diamond Sharpener Stone Overview / Basic Info

Model NO.


Specification6x2 inches (152x50mm)
TrademarkHUAYIDAOriginJiangsu, China
HS Code6804301000Production Capacity2000set/Month

Product physical picture

6X2" Single Side Diamond Sharpener Stone Set (Coarse/Fine/Extra Fine) - physical picture

6X2" Single Side Diamond Sharpener Stone Set (Coarse/Fine/Extra Fine)        


6X2" Single Side Diamond Sharpener Stone Set (Coarse/Fine/Extra Fine)        


6X2" Single Side Diamond Sharpener Stone Set (Coarse/Fine/Extra Fine)        


6X2" Single Side Diamond Sharpener Stone Set (Coarse/Fine/Extra Fine)        


6X2" Single Side Diamond Sharpener Stone Set (Coarse/Fine/Extra Fine)        




A 6x2" single-sided diamond sharpening stone offers several distinct advantages, especially for those looking for a compact, efficient, and durable sharpening tool. Here are the key benefits:

Advantages of a 6x2" Single-Side Diamond Sharpener Stone

1. Compact and Portable

  • Size: The 6x2" dimensions make it easy to carry and store, ideal for on-the-go sharpening or for use in small workshops or kitchens.

  • Portability: Its compact size makes it a great option for outdoor activities like camping, fishing, or hunting, where a portable sharpener is necessary.

2. Efficiency

  • Fast Sharpening: Diamond stones provide a very fast cutting action due to the hardness of diamond abrasives, reducing the time needed to sharpen edges.

  • Effective on Hard Steels: Capable of sharpening even the hardest steels, making it suitable for high-carbon and stainless steel knives.

3. Durability

  • Longevity: Diamond stones are exceptionally durable and maintain their abrasive qualities longer than traditional whetstones.

  • Consistent Performance: Unlike some other stones, diamond sharpeners do not dish out or wear unevenly, ensuring consistent sharpening performance over time.

4. Low Maintenance

  • No Flattening Required: Unlike traditional whetstones, diamond stones do not require regular flattening, simplifying maintenance.

  • Easy to Clean: Can be used with water for lubrication and cleaning, making it easy to keep the stone in good condition.

5. Versatility

  • Single Grit for Specific Needs: Having a single grit size can be advantageous for users who frequently need a specific type of sharpening, whether it's coarse for initial sharpening or fine for honing.

  • Multi-Tool Sharpening: Suitable for sharpening a variety of tools and knives, including kitchen knives, pocket knives, and small tools.

6. User-Friendly

  • Simple to Use: Requires minimal setup and is straightforward to use, making it suitable for beginners and experienced sharpeners alike.

  • Stable Surface: Often comes with a non-slip base or can be used with a separate non-slip mat to ensure stability during use.

7. Cost-Effective

  • Affordable: Generally more affordable than larger, dual-sided stones or comprehensive kits, providing a cost-effective sharpening solution.

  • Good Investment: Due to their durability and low maintenance, diamond stones are a good long-term investment.


Example Use Cases

  • Home Use: Ideal for keeping kitchen knives sharp without taking up much space.

  • Outdoor Activities: Perfect for maintaining the edge on hunting and fishing knives while on trips.

  • Workshops: Useful for sharpening small tools and blades, ensuring they are always ready for precise work.


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6X2" Single Side Diamond Sharpener Stone Set (Coarse/Fine/Extra Fine) - Packaging

6X2" Single Side Diamond Sharpener Stone Set (Coarse/Fine/Extra Fine) - Factor

6X26X2" Single Side Diamond Sharpener Stone Set (Coarse/Fine/Extra Fine)


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