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The Manufacturer of Diamond Sharpening Stones

HUAYIDA - TOOLS has a very simple objective: manufacturing the best sharpening stones and -systems based on diamond. n the course of several decades this resulted in a wide collection of sharpening tools, from beginner to experienced sharpener, to sharpen for example a knife or chisel into a razor sharp condition.

Sharpening with the proper sharpening angle

An experienced sharpener will be perfectly capable of sharpening out of the hand on a Huayida Tools - sharpening stone. Do you have trouble finding the correct sharpening angle? For this situation, HUAYIDA - TOOLS has sharpening systems with which you shall sharpen quickly and constantly in the proper angle. Moreover, the complete system is compact and inexpensive whilst always sharpening on real diamond.

Best quality diamond stones

The one diamond sharpening stone will not be the same as the other one. The stones of HUAYIDA - TOOLS are part of the sharpening stones with the highest density of diamonds per square centimetre that exists. Obviously the distribution of the diamonds is very even. This is very important for a constant sharpening result. Furthermore, the stones are completely flat. With these characteristics the sharpening stones distinguish themselves from the imitations that are also offered.

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Diamond Sharpening Stones Application

Diamond sharpening stones application to Woodworking & DIY, kitchen knives and other edged home tools, Landscaping, Floral And Hydro and Outdoor Sports.
Working with wood, one learns quickly to measure twice to cut once and to sharpen tools before any cutting, shaving, turning, carving, or finishing. Use Huayida-tools Diamond knife and tool sharpeners to easily sharpen and extend the life of kitchen knives and other edged home tools. sharpeners enable gardeners of all skill levels to keep their gardening and landscaping tools in top condition. sharpeners to care of their edges at home and in the field. easy to carry and can sharpen a variety of knives, tools and edged equipment that hunters, hikers, rock climbers, adventurers, campers and sportsmen rely on to survive and enjoy the outdoors.

Expert Sharpening Stones Advice

We have been helping customers manufacturing the right Diamond Sharpening Stones for more than 20 years.Selecting a sharpener stone can be difficult if you're not sure what you need. Our staff is trained to listen to your needs and to help you find the right sharpening stone the first time. We understand that it may be your first time sharpening, so we're available to help you if you have questions. Even if you're already a sharpening professional, our staff is available to answer your tough questions. We use what we sell, so you can be assured that when you purchase from us, we're able to help you with your Diamond Sharpening Stones.

Diamond Sharpening Stones FAQ

  • Q Are diamond sharpening stones worth it?

    A “Diamond Sharpening Stone”
    Diamond stones have key advantages over other types of sharpening stones. Diamond stones are the fastest cutting sharpening stones. Speed is especially helpful when working with coarse grits where you may spend additional time on a dull edge.
  • Q Which diamond stone is best?

    A When buying diamond stones, Huayida suggests getting a coarse stone between 120 - 400 grit ( 300 is best ), a fine stone between 600 - 1000 ( 600 is best ) and a super-fine between 1200 -1500 (1200 is best).
  • Q What is 1000 grit sharpening stone used for?

    A Less than 1000 grit is typically used to repair knives with chipped edges, 1000 to 3000 grit are used to sharpen dull knives, 4000 to 8000 grit are finishing stones and are used to refine your knife edge.
  • Q Can you sharpen a knife with a 1000 grit stone?

    A The #1000 grit whetstone is your go-to sharpening stone. If your Japanese knives need a good sharpen to regain their edge, then this grit is your starting point. But use this sparingly as it will wear your knife down.
  • Q Do you need to flatten a sharpening stone?

    A We recommend flattening them at the beginning of every sharpening session-it's a 15-second job in most cases. Flatten oilstones about every 10 sessions. Another benefit of flattening your stones: You'll remove embedded metal filings that impair the stone's sharpening action.
  • Q Can you over soak a sharpening stone?

    A Rough and medium grit whetstones should be soaked in water for 10-15 minutes prior to usage. When using fine stones, simply splash water on the stone as you sharpen. If you soak fine stones in water for too long, they can begin to crack.
  • Q Which side of the sharpening stone do I use first?

    A If your whetstone has a coarse and fine side, begin with the coarse side. The same goes if you have multiple whetstones. Work from coarse to fine.
  • Q Is oil or water better for sharpening stone?

    A Is oil or water better for sharpening stone? Water stones are softer than oil stones. This softer binder promotes faster cutting because the old abrasive material breaks away and is replaced with fresh sharp material. Fast cutting is a clear an advantage of the water stone.

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